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The Control4® Decora Wired Keypad combines beautiful aesthetics and flexible button configuration, providing a stunning user interface
that elegantly controls any aspect of a Control4® system. Control lights, scene, music, security—the possibilities are endless. The keypad
can be configured with two to seven buttons using four different button sizes for a total of 37 possible configurations. There’s no need
to worry about how many buttons will be needed on a specific keypad prior to (or even after) installation.

• Includes a button kit with every button necessary to make any of the 37 possible button configurations
• Elegant, sophisticated design makes a beautiful addition to any home or business
• Custom engraving available to clearly identify each button
• Backlit buttons with programmable color control for easy readability regardless of time of day or light level
• Programmable RGB LEDs provide status feedback for lighting and other devices in the system
• Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts backlight and status LED brightness depending on the light level in the room
• Available in a wide array of gloss and satin colors (See Available Colors)
• Control4® screw-less faceplates, sold separately, provide a sleek profile (See Available Accessories)
• RS-485 Bus Communication
• Compatible with the 48V Bus Power Supply

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